Coming from a person that is possibly moving somewhere else and a close friend of someone who totally ruined his relationship with his past team and city. Who has now redeemed himself by coming home and winning a championship for a city that has been longing and hungry for one in decades.

dwayne wade tweets

Dwyane Wade tweet s after Kevin Durant signs with Golden State

Hypocrisy and self righteousness is a disease that I guess a lot of people have. How can you forget and ignore things when you’re already on the other side? Would Dwyane Wade have tweeted this during the time when they built the Big Three in Miami just a few years back? Absolutely NOT! How can you comment about an act of a person who thinks that this is what’s best for him and his future. It’s not like Durant did something wrong… He made a decision that’s it. Just like what Lebron did years back. The only difference is that Wade is at the receiving end back then.

Yes relationships are important. Real ones will understand, real ones will accept, real ones will not break… no matter what.

kevin durant statement on signing with golden state warriors

Kevin Durant: My next chapter

All the best to Kevin Durant. Congratulations Golden State for getting one of the best players in the league.

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