chamba chocolate cupcake

Chocolate cupcake with vanilla ice cream topped with caramel syrup and choco powder

An instant dessert that you’ll love to have after dinner while watching your favorite tv show or movie with a cup of tea. Relax and enjoy the night away.

You need:

– Chocolate cupcake (buy or bake your own)

– Vanilla ice cream

– Caramel syrup

– Choco or cocoa powder

chamba chocolate cupcake ingredients images

Betty Crocker dark chocolate cake mix, vanilla ice cream, choco or cocoa powder and caramel syrup

For the cupcake, mix and bake the cake mix, egg, and oil. you don’t need to use all the cake mix if you’re only making dessert for 2.

Divide the measurements of ingredients behind the box as what you need. Just bake enough. Don’t be greedy and get fat! :p

Bake… Bite… Bliss. 💗

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